Community Meeting in the Balu River Bank.

A community meeting was organized by the Barogram-Balu River Coalition on 4th July 2022 at City Daffodil School, Trimohini Bazar, Khilgaon, Dhaka. The meeting was supported by Waterkeepers Bangladesh Consortium under the project titled “Promoting democratic governance and collective advocacy for environmental protection in Dhaka city” under Promoting Advocacy and Rights (PAR) Activity which is being implemented in collaborations with the USAID and Counterpart International.

The community meeting was presided over by Mr. Mohammad Haji Bacchu Miah, Social Worker and moderated by Mr. Mohammad Amzad Hossain, Member Secretary, Barogram-Balu River coalition. Md. Kamruzzaman, Project Coordinator, Waterkeepers Bangladesh, Mr. Iqbal, Mr. Md. Farid Hassan, Mr. Kuddus Ali, Mr. Lokman Hossain, Mr. Md. Joshim Uddin Yusuf, Mr.Md. Raihan Sharif, Member of Barogram Unnayan Sangshta and Barogram-Balu River coalition, Mr. Md. Aminul Ahsan Khan Ahad, President of Somprity and Sowhardo, Mr.

Ruma, former elected female members of Nasirabad Union spoke on the occasion. They have shared their opinion related to the Balu river pollution and agreed to take action together with WKB to protect the river for their future generations.

At the beginning Md. Kamruzzaman, Project Coordinator conveyed greetings to all on behalf of the WKB Consortium and thanked the community leaders for organizing the meeting. He shared the purpose of the meeting from WKB point of view and requested all participants to share their opinion on increasing community participation in the anti-pollution movement. A total of 31 persons (29 male and 2 Female) attended the community meeting

The meeting agreed to organize Balu River Festival during the month of September 2022. Coalition leaders said that they will form small committees in all the villages to aware and inform mass people as well as ensure their participation in the proposed Balu River Festival. All coalition members expressed their willingness to participate in the upcoming Balu River Festival. Besides, the coalition leader shared that the committee will work to aware and mobilize community people to raise voices against the pollution of the river and air in the locality.