River needs attention

Farid Uddin (February 1, 2016)

I really liked the line ”Waterkeepers Bangladesh safeguards water bodies and ecosystems entailing water sources on which all life depends”. It is quite true that our lives depend on water, safe water actually. Unfortunately our water bodies are in great threat because of pollution, unplanned industrialization, illegal land grabbing. It is badly needed, some one should talk on behalf of the rivers.


Samia Saif ()

The rivers of Bangladesh need serious attention. Congratulations for taking the step. I wish all the best and look forward to seeing some good work.

Protecting our rivers


I do appreciate the initiative by the organization. So far I know, the organization is now working for Buriganga, Surma,  Khowai and Pashur. But my opinion is that the organization should also consider other rivers like, Kopotakhkhya, Modhumati or Boral (I do not have any idea, may be they have plan). The unplanned establishments on the bank of these river are causing serious environmental hazards. The organization should consider other water bodies as well.

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